The gardens at Pear Tree Cottage sit in a cider apple orchard in the green and rolling countryside of Worcestershire, England. It enjoys a sunny south westerly aspect with sweeping views across to Martley Hillside, Woodbury & Abberley clock tower. The Teme Valley lies just over the hill and, not far away, is the Herefordshire border. Although our climate is temperate, our seasons are often uncertain and always a challenge to a gardener!


18 June 2019

A Visit from Sutton Coldfield Ladies' Gardening Club

The rain held off for 50 members of the Sutton Coldfield Ladies' Gardening Club who arrived in a coach to visit the garden and enjoy coffee, cakes and biscuits.  Joe their coach driver coped brilliantly with our narrow lanes despite encountering our dustbin lorry twice.  It was much more of a surprise for them than Joe! The ladies were all very enthusiastic about the garden and many promised to make a return visit. They then left for lunch at the Masons Arms followed by a visit to Little Malvern Court this afternoon.

What a shame we forgot to take any photos whilst they were actually here!!

This means that, so far this year, our garden has raised a total of £1185.95 for charity!

17 June 2019

Saturday turns into Saturday.

Spot the Lewisias!

Despite the incessant rain, the Philadelpus is holding up really well - so far!  Also not looking too bad are the Peonies and hardy Geraniums.  Who knows what state they'll be in when the predicted thunderstorms arrive?  Chris sneaked off to Bransford Plant sale and came back with a Scabious, an Achillea, 2 Lewisias, a weeping Birch and an Amelanchier - of and a couple of ferns.  As Saturday was swapped to Sunday, we actually managed to plant all but the trees. I hope to keep the Lewisias in pots but am aware that they're not known to be easy - nervous shiver!

Chris also did some emergency remedial prning on the Liriodendron.  Ours has 7 leaders which have inosculated over time.  The strong winds had been causing so much movement, there was bleeding at the inosculation site.  He reduced the weight on the affected leaders and then evened up the remaining leaders.  The overall effect is a much elevated crown.  

16 June 2019

Gardener's Rainy Day Out!

Head Gardener took time off from her own (very wet) garden and went off to visit Showborough House Sculpture Garden.  It's SUCH a lovely garden and so worth a visit.  Sadly, it closes on Sunday until next year. We admired both the fabulous  and quirky garden and many of the sculptures.  We even bought a couple of small ones - a glass blackbird to join our Woodpeckers and a leafy metal globe which I think will look effective with either a plant in it or a candle. After enjoying tea and cakes, it was time for another wander round.  I spotted a huge amount of Mistletoe growing in a big old Acacia which I'd not seen before. 

The following link is well worth looking at:

WEED of the WEEK!

The world's biggest Sow Thistle!

We've just had an Open Gardens weekend.  How on earth did we miss this GIANT Sow Thistle???  Neither Chris nor I have ever seen one this big - ever ever!  The shame of it!  Will I ever live it down?  Were visitors too shocked by its sheer size to even comment?  It should be weed of the century!!

13 June 2019

Fools & Cordial in the Rain!

Elderflowers & gooseberries...
...simmering gently.

It's been far too wet gor garden jobs!  In fact, I was soaked picking these gooseberries from our little gooseberry bush.  found some pink Elderflowers from our Sambucca Nigra and there were enough for 6 gooseberry fools and some cordial. I've frozen the fools but will serve them with a topping of fresh raspberries and mint leaves and a dusting of icing sugar.  The cordial is a really fabulous colour and tastes delicious.

Finished results.

11 June 2019

The Gardens of Wichenford 2019

Ski jacket in June!
Sunday's team at the ready!
What a week!  Preparations for Open Gardens were going so well until Firdy when it poured with rain all day.  Luckily, I'd mowed the day before but poor Chris strimmed and cut the hedges for nearly 4 hours in the rain!  
Sun at last!
With garden jobs finished, the gazebo up and the Bonsai exhibition looking like perfection itself, Saturday began under leaden skies, with winds, rain and cold temperatures.  Gradually things picked up and visitors began to trickle in.  We had around 100 the first dy and with more sunshine on Sunday, we had 228.  With another 16 gardens participating, visitors can pay their entrance money in every garden. We made a total of £506.95 most of which was in teas and cakes.  Talking of which: Ann Newton made lots and lots of exquisite cakes and so a BIG thank you to her.  Of course thanks to each and every one of our helpers

26 May 2019

NGS Open Gardens 26.V.MMXIX

On a fairly indifferent day and following a miserable rainy start, the weather slowly improved and eventually the sun cme out. Chris, who had noticed yesterday (when it was too late to do anything) that the stone seat was completely hidden by overgrown Jasmine arrived early this morning in order to trim it and all before he set off for a day's tree work!  THAT is dedication!! Thanks so much, Chris!

Braving the drizzle, the first visitors actually arrived early - catching me with a garden rake in one and a thistle in the other!!  Too tricky to hide both behind my back!

Visitors enjoying the summerhouse.
Visitors kept on arriving and with today's team consisting of Lindy, Sue and Lyn, they were rushed of their feet serving teas and washing up. Maureen had a change of duty and was our chauffeuse for the afternoon. Using her own car as the shuttle bus, she drove the less able from the car park, up the hill to the garden.  In total, we had 88 visitors, 4 dogs and the real star of the occasion was a 1927 Alvis!!  We made a staggering £661.00. 
Exploring the main lawn.

A HUMONGOUS thank you to all our helpers.  We truly appreciate your support and without you, we simply couldn't have raised this money.  Congratulations to you all!

Oh, and Chris: many visitors enjoyed sitting on the stone seat this afternoon, but, none more than a disabled gentleman who was unable to walk round the garden but was helped to that very seat where he enjoyed taking in views of the garden and further across the valley to the hills beyond and all in the sunshine! 

However, we did miss Chris's prowess with my camera and resulting photos.  With one exception, these were taken by Al.

Star car by far!    The 1927 Alvis.