The green and rolling countryside of Worcestershire, England, is home to the cider apple orchards which surround the gardens of Pear Tree Cottage. They enjoy a sunny south westerly aspect with sweeping views across to Martley Hillside, Woodbury and Abberley clock tower. The Teme Valley lies just over the hill and, not far away, is the Herefordshire border. Although our climate is temperate, our seasons are often uncertain and always a challenge to a gardener! This began in 2010 & follows the weekly ups and downs of garden work chronicling both successes and failures but, above all, demonstrates the fun enjoyed by three people who regularly garden in all weathers


1 July 2020

The Return of Garden Visitors

Visitors explore the main lawn.
One super smart Studio!

Whoopie!  It was lovely to see the return of some garden visitors today. We enjoyed the company of 16 visitors from Ludlow U3A and made £80 for nurses and carers under the National Garden Scheme.  The rain arrived with the visitors but unlike them, only stayed 10 minutes and then the sun came out.  Unfortunately, we weren't able to offer the usual level of hospitality so there were no homemade teas just a big welcome!  It was the first outing for our visitors had made since the relaxing of lockdown restrictions so how lovely they came to Pear Tree Cottage garden!! 

Of course there had been much preparation as Simon had been very busy in the garden with his paint brushes. The Studio was looking super smart with its new red roof, newly glazed and leaded windows and beautifully painted window frames. Simon also transformed the swing seat roof, the Pear Hut and even the Herb Garden niche, fence and the barn.

They certainly enjoyed the handywork of both Chris's!!  Chris Pugh's sculptures were a big hit and much commented upon.  Another lady asked for the name of our builder as she liked Chris Genever's hard landscaping and paving so much!! Also very popular was the greenhouse and its new floor!!  Let's hope this heralds the return of more visitors and more money raised for our caring charities!!

Our resident tour guide chats to visitors.
Self service ticketing & checkout systems!

25 June 2020

Studio Make-Over: Phase II

Restyled windows in the door.
The galvanised rainwater tank.

We were most definitely NOT so clever when it came to installing the guttering!!  It poured with rain both days. Water was running along the guttering and down the outlets as it was being installed!!  We were soaked through - especially Chris who refused all water proofing! However, the end result is perfect.  As well as finishing off the appearance of a little wooden shed, it's hugely practical for collecting rainwater.

Boxed in shelving disguise the horizontal downpipe & the newly leaded north window.

It was time to turn our attention to the windows. The thin, loose glass rattled, the putty was falling out and the homemade mini portholes (constructed from glass held in by plastic tupperware lids) on the door was all falling to bits.  It was impossible to any of the large panes of glass without breaking them so new glass was ordered. These were installed with putty and beading and we decided to paint the frames white and to use strips of lead and mimic the same glass patterning as in the Herb Garden mirror and stained glass window - thus maintaining a PTC garden theme.  I should mention the addition of a rather nice & very useful little window sill.  - courtesy of more of Chris Genever's patience and skills! Simon kindly agreed to paint that in with the window frames & just a top coat remains outstanding.

Having timed the first one seriously badly ie. just before making all the mess: all that remained was another major spring clean this time in 30 degrees + of tropical heat.  Luckily Janine and I managed that before having lunch in the shade!!

Who loves their new look studio I wonder???

16 June 2020

Studio Facelift!

Cleverly dodging much needed rain, Simon has repainted the studio roof.  We stuck with red oxide and its matt finish contrasts with the gloss of the black ridge piece.  Probably 15 years has elapsed since I painted it.  Back then, the sheet of corrugated iron were painted individually on trestles prior to being installed on the roof.  

Having been given a fabulous 50 gallon galvanised tank, what I'd really love is to install some guttering to catch and drain rain water into my lovely new tank.  Some people are never satisfied!!!

Oh, and yes. It has been spring cleaned inside!!

13 June 2020

A Gin Throne on World Gin Day!!!

Hoovering out the debris!
All levelled, filled and in position

This Saturday has had a bit of a liquid theme!

With all the super hot weather, no rain and extra plant watering, I had been wondering what I could use in place of a galvanised dustbin in which to store water on the top terrace.

Today, Chris arrived with a galvanised tank.  So perfect for storing water and dipping a watering can.  It was as if he had known!!  Really uncanny!!!  This year I've placed quite a collection of Pelargoniums on the Top Terrace along with pots of Agapanthus, Violas and a Brugmansia.  It will be perfect for keeping them all watered.
The Gin Throne!!

The big swap around.
Today we had a bit of a move around. We swapped the old oak throne with its two big blue Hosta pots with the gin seat and the 2 cast iron steens.  Now we have a seat with a much better view, a reservoir from which I can water all the pots and a gin throne on World Gin Day!  Time for a gin now - who's a lucky girl?

9 June 2020

PTC Wildlife Update

Breakfast time.

It's a regular baby group here in the garden.  We have babies everywhere!  Blue tits, blackbirds, great tits, wagtails and woodpeckers!!  Not all like have their photos taken but we love having them around.  The Great tits nested in a clay jar of all places and we had to shade it from the heat of the sun.  All survived and fledged safely.

6 baby great tits
Baby blue tit waiting to fledge

4 June 2020


 'Nuff said - except it was too wet for proper garden work! (The old brass taps don't show up very well against the chestnut pergola).

Look closely above the seat!

Well!  It's always good to have a choice!!

2 June 2020


The Dahlia Border

The Vegetable Plot.

As for the rest of the garden... it's dry!  VERY dry.  VERY dry everywhere!  Like everyone else, we're desperate for rain. Am managing to keep the vegetables watered and thanks to Chris's black gold, they look really healthy. Pea germination was pretty appalling and we'll be lucky to enjoy a single meal.

Saturday was spent digging round the chickens bamboos and removing all the runners.  A hard and dusty job but Chris keeps them under control.  We then picked all the Sweet Williams prior to removal and to make space for the Dahlias.  Picking flowers proved not to be Chris's favourite occupation!! There were complaints that it should be forestry not floristry!

The soil is very poor in this bed so we enriched it with what we had to hand - bonemeal, chicken pellets and Growmore.  We then laid down the seep hose to keep their roots gently watered.

Buckets of cut Sweet Williams