It all began in 2010 & follows the weekly ups and downs of garden work chronicling both successes and failures but most of all demonstrates the fun enjoyed by three people who regularly garden in all weathers.


14 November 2019

This site is undergoing some rebuilding but continues its weekly posts.

13 November 2019

Thinking of Spring

I thought I'd finished planting bulbs until some Pheasants Eye Narcissus bulbs arrived late from Parkers and then guess what!  Tammy popped over from Stockton Bury Gardens to pick up some calligraphy and gave me some tulip bulbs.  They were the fattest, plumpest most lucious looking bulbs I've seen this season.  I must ask more about their origins!  I'fe always loved the Pheasant Eye variety for their wonderful perfume and their bright eye.  They're also much later than most Narcissus

Pheasants Eye Narcissus
There was nothing for it but to enlist some help (new bionic shoulder now on order!) lugging heavy pots and compost.  I'm pleased to say that they're now all planted in some gritty well draining potting medium and top dressed with some horticultural grit. Very smart. 

Roll on spring!

10 November 2019

The arrival of the PREDATOR!

Heading down towards the Aspen stumps.
Yet another wet Saturday!  It was on with the waterproof over trousers and wet weather gear in readiness for 'stump grinding'!! 

Grinding out an apple tree stump in just a couple of minutes!
Chris arrived with .....................THE PREDATOR!!  Great name for a stump grinder!  It saved hours and hours of hard work axing and digging out 8 tree stumps.  Despite the incessant rain, all the stumps were ground out in less than half an hour.  The remaining wood chip was raked level and as neat as a new pin - all ready to plant the new birch trees.  I have a feeling that it might still be known as the 'Aspen Grove' despite the fact there's now no trace of them.  This beast of a machine meant that there was time left for tidying overhanging branches in The Woodland Border, more power washing and even making 2 big 'Tulip Trifles'!!

YES! It was raining the whole time!

4 November 2019

Hawthorn Battles!

PTC bathed in November sunshine.
Woodbury Hill beyond the golden cider apple orchards.

Saturday turned into Sunday as Chris swapped his day and cleverly avoided all the rain.  In fact Sunday was glorious sunshine with mild temperatures.  Time for a MAJOR sort out down in Cato's Corner.  Chris gallantly scaled a ladder in the middle of the first and worst Hawthorn braving all the thorns of both it and the rose to which it played host.  Quite the hero!!  He even found time to take a couple of photos from the top of his ladder - not views we usually see. 
As if the tangle of rose and hawthorns wasn't bad enough, work in this corner of the garden is never easy due the difficult ladder access across ditches not to mention a hedge and barbed wire fence. As usual, Chris did a brilliant job and they'll be left to their own devices for another year!

3 November 2019

Saturday's Sudden Succulent City!

It's as if Christmas arrived early as both the house and greenhouse has suddenly bcome home to all these beauties!: Genever succulent collection.

Kitchen window sill.
Who's a lucky girl???  Over 30 succulent plants of all different shapes, sizes and varieties has arrived at PTC all thanks to Chris Genever. How exciting is that?  Some have been potted, up, potted on and just repotted. Some are very young plants and others more mature. Those which need potting on will wait until spring. I hope I can ensure they all thrive - nervous shiver!

Many are Echeverias some are Crassulas and others are Aloes.  I think one is a Cotyledon but more research is needed. I've been busy finding pot covers for as many as I could and bringing them in the house where they can be enjoyed more readily over winter.  Some remain in the greenhouse which we keep just above freezing.  So far, the dining room, bathroom, kitchen window sills and of course, the conservatory have all benefited.

Now I need to do some reading up!!

The conservatory.
Sorting out in the kitchen.

30 October 2019