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11 October 2012

Light Duties to No duties!


Chief Blogger went from being on light duties to no duties at all!  In fact she swanned off to the Isles of Scilly for a few days and re-visited a positively tropical garden  on Tresco.  

Visiting the Abbey Gardens is a bit like going to a garden in South Africa or Australia as such a large proportion of the planting is foreign to our usually frosty winter climate and here at PTC,  wouldn't stand a chance.  

All of the islands were awash with these Amaryllis Belladonna lilies known as Naked Ladies locally as they bloom before their leaves show.  Just breathtakingly beautiful. What a change from the dreaded Ragwort which abounds in Worcestershire.

Naked Ladies Sunbathing

We also visited Trenoweth Farm where Christine, Francis, Jenny and Dasiy grow Narcissus and Scented Pinks for the cut flower market.  It was fascinating to see where and how they are grown. The flowers themselves are, of course, exquisite. 

is the place to order your cut flowers.  They come beautifully presented and are delivered safely in a strong box.  When they arrive, they are dew fresh and perfect in every way.  The scent from these flowers has to be sniffed to be believed.  These are 'quality' and a zillion times nicer than foreign grown cut flowers.  They grow in tiny fields many of which are protected by Pittisporum hedges.  I lost 2 Pittisporum trees the winter before last!  What does that tell you about the climate in Scilly?  No need to rip out hedges to make huge fields to accommodate massive machinery when picking can only be done by hand!  The 3 photos of flower fields at Trnoweth were taken on our previous visit.

Anyway, it's back to more heavy rain and lawns that all need cutting and I'm still not allowed to use a lawn mower!  Sigh!
Trenoweth Narcissus
Trenoweth Pinks

Fields don't get much prettier than this!

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