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28 February 2013

Rescued from the scrap heap!

A perfect way to recycle an old galvanised tank!

A few weeks ago, Chris Pugh very kindly gave me a lovely old square galvanised tank.He told me that if I didn't want it, he would scrap it..  Quelle horreur! Today, he carried into the greenhouse to replace the circular plastic water butt.  Being square the fit in the corner is really snug. The big advantage is having a much lower with a far greater surface area for the easier dipping and filling of watering cans.  It has a working tap but I think a washer needs replacing.  In the meantime a champagne cork one end and a wine cork the other are stopping the drips for now.  I shall need to ask Dave to raise the height of the light switch and sockets and then it will fit very snugly in the corner.  Why does some old galvanised metal look SO much nicer than modern plastic?

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