The green and rolling countryside of Worcestershire, England, is home to the cider apple orchards which surround the gardens of Pear Tree Cottage. They enjoy a sunny south westerly aspect with sweeping views across to Martley Hillside, Woodbury and Abberley clock tower. The Teme Valley lies just over the hill and, not far away, is the Herefordshire border. Although our climate is temperate, our seasons are often uncertain and always a challenge to a gardener! This began in 2010 & follows the weekly ups and downs of garden work chronicling both successes and failures but, above all, demonstrates the fun enjoyed by three people who regularly garden in all weathers


2 May 2013

New Flock of Four

On Thursday evening, we took delivery of a new flock of four

Marigold, Persephone, Winifred & Sophia

All are different hybrids and from the left, we have a Marigold, a Partridge Star, a White Star and a Speckledy.  They are 17 weeks old and, as you can see, only have baby combs.  Their names are Marigold (not very original, I know) Persephone (Percy for short) Winifred and Sophia.  All have quite different characters and as wild as a hawk, we have Winifred.  She's very flighty and always chasing bumble bees and sparrows - half running and half flying at top speed!  All girls lay eggs of differing colours: cream, speckled, china white and brown.  This way, we'll know exactly who's doing what!  Already we have collected 3 perfectly formed small brown eggs.  There's been a little  little disorderly behaviour as they're still sorting out the pecking order but nothing too serious.  All have taken to their pole house immediately and found their roosting places on the very first night without the need for any help or guidance.  It just proves that, in nature, their instinct is to roost up and off the ground.


In readiness for their arrival all houses, feeders and troughs were all painted, disinfected, creosoted and cleaned inside and out with new wood chip in the Hennery so it was a busy few days.  Of course, we went back to Sarah of Newland Poultry.  Sarah has a fabulous set up with all types of birds and housing in wonderful surroundings.  Her husband designs and builds the most practical and prettiest hen houses (as well as shepherds' huts!) - it's well worth dropping in to see her Poultry Palaces or even just to buy eggs!  Check out her brilliant website:

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