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17 July 2013

Life is a bowl of...............

CHERRIES!!  Slurp!

PTC cherries - variety unknown

This year we decided that the blackbirds have had more than their fair share of cherries and so decided to net our little tree of dessert cherries. The blackbirds beat us to it last year and scoffed the lot. They have had to content themselves feasting on the wild cherries in Mrs Carwood's tree which was absolutely laden this year.  Notice I said 'was'.  They have stripped it bare and wolfed every single one and there were thousands!  They are now eating the berries on the Daphne Mezereum.  Amazing how their systems can cope with something that toxic!  Anyway, it was our turn to have our very own fruit feast.  They were deliciously sweet and juicy with the tangiest cherry flavour.  Why can't I remember what variety they are? It was a tree Al brought home home from Costco and was planted 3 years ago.  

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