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9 February 2015

Our Little Flock

Winifred far left
Winifred centre
Our little White Star (known to her friends as Winifred) has been looking quite poorly and had lost nearly all her neck feathers. Of all our 5 girls, Winifred is the smallest, the bossiest and the most prolific layer by miles so, if anyone deserved a break from laying, it's her!  However, her comb was pale and anaemic (which can be seen in the photos) in appearance instead of being its usual healthy bright red and, somehow she just wasn't thriving.  As well as her physical symptoms, it looked as if some had emptied a whole pillow down in the Hennery!    Having spoken to Sarah at Newland Poultry she suggested that maybe a mini moult was the reason.  A week later, it appears that Sarah's diagnosis is correct as, neck feathers are quickly regrowing and she is becoming her (not so) old self!  With a couple of weeks of cold and frosty weather, this is not the time be losing feathers - anywhere!

Henny Penny drinking!

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