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18 February 2016

Enjoying some sunshine in February

Midwinter Fire
Colour in the old stone sink

Following on from all the gales and storms - how lovely it is to have a really clear and sunny day! The snowdrops, Hellebores seem to have survived the few really sharp frosts as well as the really wild weather.  AND, it's not just colourful flowers popping up.  Oh no!  We mustn't forget the Dogwoods.

Stinking Hellebore - Hellebore Foetidus

The Midwinter Fire is the firm favourite with stems of bright orange & yellow, it really lives up to its name.  even the few Gillies (Wallflowers) in the old stone sink look so cheerful on a winter's day - not to mention their scent.  These should have been planted out in a larger pot although,  I'm quite enjoying them where they are.  Here are a few more photos:   Pear Tree Cottage Garden in February

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