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5 February 2016

Spring in February!


Actually, not only is it looking spring-like in the greenhouse but, the Woodland Border is definitely waking up.  Although the Hellebores started to bloom first, the snowdrops are fast catching up and the Pulmonarias are on their starting blocks. I did pick 3 Hellebores to enjoy on the table. I KNEW I shouldn't have because they never last 5 minutes in water. Yes. I know you can float the heads in bowls of water but does anyone actually know why they don't last if left on their stems?  Is there a trade secret I need to know? It's exactly the same with Camellias - even if you smash the stems. Just when we're desperate to have just a little taste of spring indoors, we know that those spring favourites are best left to be admired outside.

More Snowdrops

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