The gardens at Pear Tree Cottage sit in a cider apple orchard in the green and rolling countryside of Worcestershire, England. It enjoys a sunny south westerly aspect with sweeping views across to Martley Hillside, Woodbury & Abberley clock tower. The Teme Valley lies just over the hill and, not far away, is the Herefordshire border. Although our climate is temperate, our seasons are often uncertain and always a challenge to a gardener!


21 March 2016

Carpentry in Arctic Conditions & Turf Laying.

Door progress
Despite f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g weather, work continued on the Secret Steps door. Dull, overcast and glacial temperatures really didn't help but it now has its arched top and, most importantly, door studs!  Placing door studs proved a tad confusing but thanks to Chris's endless and precisely accurate mathematical calculations, we got there in the end!  Not so when it came to fitting the latch as, I had been sold 2 catches but no latch or keeper - sigh!  That has now been rectified but, to stop the biting north wind, Chris fitted a temporary turn key.

Chris removing worn turf
Meanwhile down towards the compost heap, the other Chris was laying surprise turf on what had been a very worn and uneven path.  I say surprise because it was beautiful quality but unwanted turf!  There was enough to do the whole path and a couple of rolls this side of the granite sets.  how lucky are we? As time ran out, and after checking on the watering situation (!) Chris returned on Sunday afternoon to finish the job.  The weather had warmed up hugely and we worked without coats.  I finished all my creosoting so now, all garden seats have had a coat and also the compost slats have all been done.  Smugness all round!

Lush new path!
  Another big thank you to Chris!

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