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24 April 2016

Real Greenhouse Work

Using  the spandrels to support the cane framework
Less than straight canes!

Of course I've been busy in a new greenhouse!  Who wouldn't? I made countless journeys lugging the plants from the conservatory and placing them in their new home.  Many had put on weak and leggy growth due to reduced lighting conditions and so I have pinched out tips of many. Today was spent sowing courgette and marrow seeds and believe or not some Adenium seeds (from India - another story!) I also put in some canes and made a sturdy framework in readiness for tomato plants - which have been promised by a certain master builder!  Tying in canes was a whole new ball game in this greenhouse.  Firstly I needed 8' canes and was able to make instant use of the rather fetching vintage spandrels which, at the time seemed a bit of an extravagance. Now I feel vindicated! H & S would have outlawed my teetering around on one foot straddling the border whilst tying in the tops of the canes. Hey ho!

Am not sure what Hartley Botanic will think of my makeshift staging but whilst waiting for delivery of their new staging - owt's better than nowt!!

Makeshift staging

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