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12 April 2016

Yet another project!

Laying in the raspberries
Reclaimed oak fencing

Meanwhile..............down the bottom of the garden: another project is well under way. A new little fruit enclosure for the raspberries is under construction. Chris used some reclaimed oak post and rail fencing to enclose it and planted more beech saplings in order to extend the present beech hedge around the Henclosure. He even brought some currants, rhubarb and  a gooseberry bush. He plans to make a wood chip path and even a gate - eventually. The next stage is to strip the turf to improve the levels and then replace it. This will entail importing soil from the Henclosure but should mean easier mowing with the mower no longer wanting to slide down over the edge of the turf! Will it be finished in time for open gardens?????

End of the day!

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