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26 September 2016

Wisteria Pruning

Wisteria curtains
Pruning a Wisteria doesn't sound much of a job does it?  In reality, this 'King' of climbers is a real thug.Whilst I'd never be without a Wisteria (or in our case, three!) they really need to be kept in check. Yes, I know we're a month late but even so, the long whippy side shoots had found time to push their way under the eaves and into the attics. They had forced their way between the opening window lights and also between down pipes and the wall. Some were 15 feet long. This is despite an earlier pruning around the dining room window which was so overgrown in a single season, the dining room was enjoying a wonderful green filtered light! As usual we thinned out the unwanted twining stems and cut back the side shoots to about 7 buds. We now have winter light in both the dining and sitting rooms ..................that is, until next year!

..and afterwards.

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