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31 October 2016

Glowing & Growing in the Gloom!

Euonymous europaeus - Spin

Liriodenron tulipifera - Tulip Tree

On definitely the darkest, dampest, dankest day we've had this October, the leaf colour in and around the garden is really striking. It didn't seem ever properly light today and yet despite a complete absence of sunshine the trees appeared to glow in the gloom. The Acers in pots by the chimney have few leaves left whilst elsewhere in the garden, they positively gleam with colour. I know it means lots of work clearing them all up but with colour like this - who cares? At their best now is the Tulip tree and Spindleberries with the cherries and the birches close behind.
An HDR shot of the Lower Lawn (Tulip Tree left & Spindleberry 2nd right)

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