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24 October 2016

Hebe Central!

5 planted on the left of the path and...
another 5 on the right...

Time to sort out the scrubby old Lavenders which hadn't enjoyed our winters of the rather too damp conditions and one or two Hebes overgrown with ivy.  In other words - have a good old sort out!  An old conifer root and a sprawling woody Cistus was removed.  Then it was off to Laylocks (with my prize money burning holes in my pocket!) to buy 10 new Hebes. I like the way they form dense evergreen clumps and mounds in front of the house and can hardly wait for these to fill their allotted spaces!

The rose on the right of the steps was looking very tired and drab until Chris put his hedge cutter over it and gave it a serious haircut since, when it's never looked back and is covered in bloom again!

making the grand total of 10!

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