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10 February 2017

Compost Corner Creative Conversion!

Surprise, surprise! A new garden project is under way. The granite setts in front of the compost bays which were laid in soil were all showing many signs of wear. The sets had become too prominent and uneven. The Pear Gate was jamming on them and the whole area was in need of a make-over. Enter Chris Genever yesterday afternoon!  By close of play yesterday, all the setts had been removed, the soil level lowered, concrete slabs laid in front of both compost bays (how much easier to shovel on a smooth surface?) and many granite setts re-laid on concrete.  We were lucky with dry weather and at least filling wheelbarrows meant I was fractionally warmer than if I'd cleaned soil of the sets!

Today was even colder but even more setts were perfectly laid precisely in line and were mixed with cobbles to form an exact line between the to two gates. Guess who'll be rubbing down mortar tomorrow!

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