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28 May 2017

Much Ado in May!

The Genever seat
New Dahlia border
Much happening in the garden and precious little time to blog about it!  The  Beech hedge around the Henclosure has had a trim and the border beneath cleared of Forget-me-nots.  As it's been 'mini-pleached' the girls can now see out again! We have to keep the top trimmed so as to ensure the electric fence above doesn't short out and Monsieur Le Reynard doesn't pay another visit.

Chris also trimmed the boundary hedges on the inside and also the Lonicera spheres (as I have to call them!) Totally transformed is the Genever seat in the Herb Garden as Brian has given it a fab new paint job! He did the niche above it and the contrast made us realise that the seat deserved a make-over too! Now it's all ready for the first of our open garden events on 4th June!

We finished off the day be planting up our first ever dedicated Dahlia border. It's only temporary as, when Chris can find the time, our plan is to extend the stone terracing and maybe push the border further across to the left. Despite poor soil, we enriched it with chicken manure pellets and bone meal so fingers crossed for a bit of colour and a few cut flowers!

Mini-pleached hedge

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