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4 May 2018

Beating the Weather!

Cornus florida
Pieris forest flame
A recycled chair!

Cowslip (Primula veris) upstaging some  Purple Saxifrage

After the appalling spring weather we've suffered it's good to see a few things looking good in the garden. Actually, I'd say it's more a relief!!  It's definitely the year of the cowslip as our lanes are just carpeted in them and there has been much comment locally. The wild ones in the garden are no exception. A Pieris forest flame looks more like a raging inferno up on the top terrace even on a dull day!

In the Top Lawn Border, the Geums have really bulked up and spread out and make very pleasing underplanting for their arboreal neighbours as well as perfect weed suppressants!

It looks like the weather is actually warming up and maybe, just maybe, spring will be here to stay!
Geum tequila sunrise

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