The gardens at Pear Tree Cottage sit in a cider apple orchard in the green and rolling countryside of Worcestershire, England. It enjoys a sunny south westerly aspect with sweeping views across to Martley Hillside, Woodbury & Abberley clock tower. The Teme Valley lies just over the hill and, not far away, is the Herefordshire border. Although our climate is temperate, our seasons are often uncertain and always a challenge to a gardener!


22 October 2018

Maintenance Jobs.

Mr. G. Woodpecker!

A Saturday without our usual Chris!  Lucky for us, the Chris G. came so different jobs were done. Most important was installing our green woodpecker on the summerhouse roof where he can now be seen from the kitchen window. Also as he faces west, we shall enjoy the sun behind him highlighting his colours.

Other maintenance jobs were done like adjusting the door to the cave, securing the canopy above the kitchen window and elevating the canopy above another window, freeing up the porch door, oiling hinges - all that sort of stuff. Not sure why I like it so much but I just DO!!

As ladders were put in place for painting, as soon as Brian had finished the following day,  I pruned the vine on the garage and over the garage canopy. It was such a great colour this year but had dropped all its leaves and in any case, I get into trouble for allowing it to hinder the free passage of cars !! Some people have other priorities!!  This was one we bought whilst visiting Highgrove a few years back. HRH had one growing up the front of the house and it certainly is a tough climber. It had pushed up behind the gettuering and the tendrils were as strong as metal springs!

Vitus cognetiae in all its autumn glory.
..and waiting for spring!

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