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21 December 2018

A Week of Winter Weather!

Our resident glass woodpecker
in a Betula jaquemontii!
On the run up to Christmas, the pretty foul weather hasn't allowed much gardening so I've been doing a Week on Winter Trees with a different tree featured each day on FB. Hopefully tomorrow, it will be dry enough to prune the holly and use the prunings in the house and gather up the last remaining leaves.  Soon it will time to prune the apple trees and then the pears.  It's heartening to realise that today is the longest day and that from now on, the days will start to lengthen again.

On the odd sunny day, the bare trees are looking lovely in the low light. I think I like their skeletal forms even more than leaf canopies!  Well, I say that until spring!

Winter solstice moon rising over the cider apple orchards

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