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22 February 2019

The Great Azorean Experiment.

When in the Azores just before Christmas, the Head Gardener in charge of pineapple cultivation explained how; once a year, they light small fires in the greenhouses. Dead pineapple leaves are burned to create lots of smoke which kills all pests. I figure if it works commercially, it might work on the countless zillions of whitefly in our greenhouse which decimate crops.  

Having had a good tidy and clean up, I lit a small fire and placed a pile of damp leaves and let it smoke away for half an hour before removing it. I figure it's kinder than buying chemical fumigators some of which kill plants too! However, it's a first and it'll be interesting to see if it works. Whitefly make it impossible for us to grow cucumbers and it's a constant battle with tomatoes so...fingers crossed!

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