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5 May 2019

Wisteria Moments.

One word. 

WISTERIA!!  For the first time in 9 years, we stopped the birds from stripping the flower buds.  It turns out that birds don't like Mozart or Beethoven.  That is, they don't like all their CD's hanging on the Wisteria.  They weren't overly keen on the plastic owls or the agricultural bird scarer either.  However, they didn't mind having their food station moved to the other side of the house!

The result of discouraging our thieving gannets is unrivalled SUCCESS!  After years of Wisteria annihilation, we have waterfalls of purple perfume flooding down the walls running for 36 yards around the house. When the windows are opened, the perfume floods in.   We even have purple curtains! Never have I taken more photos of one single plant!!  If I could, I'd share the perfume!

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