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17 June 2019

Saturday turns into Saturday.

Spot the Lewisias!

Despite the incessant rain, the Philadelpus is holding up really well - so far!  Also not looking too bad are the Peonies and hardy Geraniums.  Who knows what state they'll be in when the predicted thunderstorms arrive?  Chris sneaked off to Bransford Plant sale and came back with a Scabious, an Achillea, 2 Lewisias, a weeping Birch and an Amelanchier - of and a couple of ferns.  As Saturday was swapped to Sunday, we actually managed to plant all but the trees. I hope to keep the Lewisias in pots but am aware that they're not known to be easy - nervous shiver!

Chris also did some emergency remedial prning on the Liriodendron.  Ours has 7 leaders which have inosculated over time.  The strong winds had been causing so much movement, there was bleeding at the inosculation site.  He reduced the weight on the affected leaders and then evened up the remaining leaders.  The overall effect is a much elevated crown.  

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