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11 April 2011

Aga simmering device available!

Looks what's new! 

A break from the garden to show you a simple device which ensures even simmering on an Aga.  No more saucepans with half the contents boiling rapidly and half not boiling at all.  This is an Eclipse solid stainless steel simmering device and has been made by a Nottingham university student: Chris Lewis.  They are available from him at  for £15:00.  The advantage of this over using coins is that it can be picked up with no burnt fingers!  Congratulations to Chris for his device.  It deserves success.
Of course, it goes without saying that Aga won't allow their name to be connected as they are far too busy ensuring that their new Aga's are sold with inferior components. This ensures their franchised distributors have to pick up all costs involved in the travelling, call out and parts involved when a brand new and expertly installed Aga (in this case ours!)  by 'Aga trained' experienced, dedicated and concientious engineers keeps going into meltdown!  Thank goodness for brilliant sales support from the distributors, salesman and engineers alike!  Thumbs up to Hill's of Ledbury for their prompt and attentive service on every occasion.  Thumbs very definitely down to Aga!  They deserve to pay all the costs incurred!  What a shame that such a legendary cooker is bespoiled with modern dumbed down components.   Sorry but I felt I deserved a rant after all the inconvenience that has been caused to all involved!

Well done to an innovative student, I hope he makes some money out of such a worthwhile and much needed invention.  I thoroughly recommend his invention.

And now back to gardening....................

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