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12 April 2011

Spring sowing and planting

After all these breaking pictures, it's time to speak of spring planting and whilst we had the unseasonal hot weather and exactly 366 days since I last did it; potatoes, onions, broad beans, artichokes and cabbage plants have all been planted out.  I think I've got my spacing wrong - as usual.  Chris always says I plant my potatoes too far apart but I like to leave room for earthing up.  His approach is a little more agricultural than mine and he earths up at the time of planting.  Needless to say, as the apple trees are coming into bloom, so the weather has turned cold and blustery again.  

The raspberry patch has new canes this year and it looks as if a couple have failed so I'm glad there are a few spares in the corner. Saturday saw the top lawn border weeded and top dressed with compost.  It was a pain digging out all the Bryony but - better out than in!

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