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22 June 2012

A rain-free day!

Newly extended rose border....

How lucky to have a fine gardening Saturday.  The new rose border was not only extended but, thanks to Chris, it now benefits from having some beautifully well rotted farm yard manure dug in too.  The only missing ingredients are the roses!  Still it's better than having half a border as it's looks much better running the full length of the Beech hedge.  Who knows?  Another fresh crab lunch at David Austin's may await!

....half planted with shrub roses

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Anonymous said...

You'll have to come over to Norfolk to Peter Beale's Roses to get some inspiration too! They have the most amazing rose garden on show for the next 4 weeks or so. Chance to see Veronica too! We'd love to see you xx Claire [Lynda's daughter!]