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15 April 2017

Spring Sowing & Planting

Newly planted veg patch
Genever tomato plants

Busy week coming up and much to do in the vegetable patch.  3 rows of potatoes, broad beans, carrots, beetroot and onions all in now.  I decided to adopt a more agricultural approach and earth up after planting. It seemed to work quite well last year and there's less chance of damage from late frosts. We're still eating the rainbow chard.

Lots of lovely plants from Chris Genever so even more to do in the greenhouse.  Much moving around to in order to expose the tomato border which was used to stand Oleanders on over winter. It was then dug over and fresh potting medium mixed for the tomato plants. I use bottomless pots filled with a decent mix and was able to squeeze in 9 plants of different types and varieties. Some seeds were brought back from Australia and NZ, all germinated and pricked out by Chris so, it'll be interesting to see how they all do. Hopefully this year, we can keep the dreaded white fly at bay.

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