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9 May 2017

Pear Hut - Shed of the Year Competition 2017

The Pear Hut Writing Room
The Pear Hut interior
Despite Head Gardener and Chief Blogger being a little indisposed of late, it hasn't stopped  the Pear Hut being paid a huge amount of attention!  Following its entry into the Shed of the Year Competition in 2014; the Pear Hut was spotted by a most charming Channel 4 TV programme researcher and, as a result, they  a film crew arrived at PTC.  Bearing in mind that we built the Pear Hut in 2012 and the competition is massive as loads of people all over the entire country build the most amazing edifices in their gardens so it's utterly surprising that our humble Pear Hut (More photos here) is even a consideration.  As if an entire film crew wasn't enough, the sponsors of the competition: Cuprinol also sent out their own photographer.  We actually used Cuprinol forest Green to paint the frieze round the top and the matching seat in front.  One thing's for sure, it was HUGE fun building it although hard to believe it was in 2012 that Chris Genever sacrificed quite a few Saturdays to head operations!  A BIG thank you to the entire film crew who, when I lost my wedding ring when one of our new flock escaped from the Henclosure and was loose in the garden.  All of the crew and their presenter were down on their hands and knees searching the garden! Luckily, it had come off my finger inside my jeans pocket and, all the time was safe and sound - phew!  Their concern and help was most appreciated!

How could this be a Pear Hut?
PS This is what it looked like when it arrived on the drive! 

Here's wishing our little Pear Hut lots of luck!

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