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1 July 2018

A Peeping Tom in the Garden!

We have a new figure in the garden. Meet Peeping Tom hiding in the conifer on the terrace.
A couple of years ago, one's husband's enthusiasm for having a fire in the chiminea went a little too far. With flames leaping high out of the top, the conifer suffered badly. The following day, the damage was immediately visible and, it being a lowly conifer, a resulting brown patch oval in shape became more and more obvious in an otherwise healthy green conifer! Yesterday, I trimmed out all the brown stems knowing that the result would be a large hole but I figured I could hang something in the hole and maybe turn it into a feature.

Peeping Tom hiding in the conifer & peeping out at Theresa on the Terrace!
It took Chris to come up with the perfect idea and he popped back home to bring Tom from his seemingly endless collection of classical statuary! Fitting him in took a lot of thought as we had to build a bridge over existing branches beneath the hole and secure a platform on which he could stand.  Probably not quite up to Genever exacting standards but we think it will work. When and if the hole in the conifer ever fills in, we can move Tom back on to his original plinth!

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